TS6341 | TwinCAT PLC Serial Communication 3964R/RK512

Serial communication via the 3964R or the RK512 protocols is implemented via the TwinCAT PLC Serial Communication 3964R/RK512 software library. The PCs serial interface and the Beckhoff KL6xxx serial Bus Terminals are supported. The library also contains the TwinCAT PLC Serial Communication library.

The TwinCAT Serial Communication RK512 PLC library supports transmission and reception of PLC variables of any type. Data up to 128 bytes long is transferred transparently in the form of data blocks. To ensure secure data transmission, the 3964R protocol is used underneath the RK512 protocol.

Technical data TS6341
Target system Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 7, Windows CE
Min. TwinCAT level TwinCAT PLC
Ordering information
TS6341 license for using the software library for communication via serial Bus Terminals or PC COM ports using the protocol 3964R/RK512
KL6001 Bus Terminals, serial interface RS232
KL6021 Bus Terminals, serial interface RS422/RS485
KL6031 serial interface RS232
KL6041 serial interface RS422/RS485
EL6001 EtherCAT Terminal, serial interface RS232