TF8000 | TC3 BA Connectivity Library

The TwinCAT BA Connectivity Library simplifies the programming of Bus Terminals for building automation and is part of TwinCAT PLC TC1200.


It contains all libraries for communication with the following fieldbus systems:


DALI (KL6811, KL6821)

The TwinCAT PLC DALI library contains modules for configurating and programming DALI Bus Terminals, as well as nearly all DALI commands as per IEC 62386, and ready-to-use application blocks for addressing and parameterising DALI ballasts.


DMX (EL6851, EL6851-0010)

DMX is the standard protocol used for controlling devices in professional stage and effect lighting. The TwinCAT PLC DMX library contains function blocks for controlling DMX devices via the EL6851 DMX master terminal. The EL6851 supports RDM (Remote Device Management) which enables the addressing and parameterisation of the DMX devices.


SMI (KL6831, KL6841)

SMI drives (Standard Motor Interface) enable the exact positioning of roller shutters and the precise angular positioning of blind drives. The TwinCAT PLC SMI library contains all relevant SMI commands for controlling, addressing and configurating.


EnOcean (KL6021-0023, KL6032, KL6581, KL6583)

The TwinCAT PLC EnOcean library supports KL6021-0023/KL6032 and KL6581/KL6583 Bus Terminals. EnOcean signals received can be further processed using appropriate function blocks. Data can also be sent when using the KL6581/KL6583.


M-Bus (KL6781)

The M-Bus (Metering Bus) is a fieldbus for the acquisition of consumption or measuring data which is described in the EN 1434 standard. The TwinCAT PLC M-Bus library contains function blocks for a large number of devices from different manufacturers.


MP-Bus (KL6771)

The KL6771 MP-Bus master terminal is used for communication with MP-Bus slaves. The TwinCAT PLC MP-Bus library contains function blocks for controlling MP devices and for addressing MP-Bus slaves.


EIB/KNX (KL6301)

The KL6301 EIB/KNX Bus Terminal connects an EIB/KNX bus installation with the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system. The KL6301 enables the exchange of any data with EIB/KNX devices. The TwinCAT PLC EIB library contains around 40 functions and function blocks that are used for the configuration of the KL6301.


LON (KL6401)

LON is a local sensor/actuator network which uses network variables (SNVTs) for direct communication of the devices with each other. A maximum of 62 SNVTs can be configured as inputs and/or outputs as required using the KL6401. The TwinCAT PLC LON library provides an extensive number of function blocks for sending and receiving data via the SNVTs.


GENIbus (KL6021, KL6041, EL6021, COM port)

GENIbus (Grundfos Electronics Network Intercommunications bus) is a protocol that was developed by Grundfos especially for data exchange with their devices. Several Grundfos devices can be connected to form a network and integrated into an automation system via GENIbus. The TwinCAT PLC GENIbus library contains function blocks for the communication with GENIbus slave devices.


Manual operating modules (KL8519, KL8524, KL8528, KL8548)

The TwinCAT PLC KL85xx library contains function blocks for communication and configuration of the manual operating modules with K-bus interface. These modules can be used as local override operations and display devices.

Technical data TF8000
Required TC1200
Target system Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, Windows CE