AX883x AMP8000 coupling modules for AX8000

AX883x | AMP8000 coupling modules for AX8000

For connecting AMP8000 distributed servo drives to the PC-based control technology, and more specifically to the EtherCAT-based Servo Drive systems AX5000 and AX8000 there are two coupling modules available in single-channel and dual-channel versions each. The coupling modules provide a connection for the DC Link intermediate circuit, 24 V DC power supply and EtherCAT communication. Distributed servo drives can be coupled to the AX8000 multi-axis servo system via an AX883x power supply module and to the AX5000 EtherCAT Drives via an AX503x axis module. By means of the 1- or 2-channel coupling modules and the AMP8805 distribution module, the implementation of simple as well as complex distributed drive solutions is easy and straightforward.

Technical data AX8831 AX8832
Function coupling module
Number of channels 1 2
Rated output current DC link 20 A DC 2 x 20 A DC
Rated output current 24 V 16 A DC ∑ 20 A DC
DC-Link voltage 565…680 V DC
EtherCAT connection integrated via AX-Bridge
Protection class IP 20
AMP804x Distributed servo drive 2.01…4.80 Nm (Standstill torque)
AMP805x Distributed servo drive 4.80…11.4 Nm (Standstill torque)
AMP8805 Distribution module, 5-channel
Product announcement
estimated market release 4th quarter 2018